Dr. Joseph Nassralla received a profound vision from God in 1993; guiding him to create an International platform involving media in the form of television. This platform was meant to revolutionize households all over the world, bringing the Gospel to the Nations in the Middle East. Before this vision occurred, Joseph fervently and boldly shared the light of the Gospel in his Egyptian homeland. As a result, he was imprisoned because he refused to deny Christ. During imprisonment, Joseph was persecuted and tortured for his faith. It was during this time God began to appear to him Mightily. Through his visions, Joseph was to carry out the work of the cross to forever impact the kingdom and bring about mass deliverance, healing and Salvation to the Nations.

Joseph came to the United States in 2003 as an Egyptian Minister, determined to manifest God’s vision. While studying media art and theology, Dr. Nassralla began “Media for Christ,” a nonprofit organization in 2005. This soon became a media production house. (Many evangelists and artists began partnering with him for this vision). Within 4 years, Joseph finished college; earning his doctoral degree in Theology. He now had enough material and experience to begin his first media broadcast. In 2010, Dr. Nassralla was able to launch “The Way TV” (a 24 hour Arabic channel) to the Galaxy 19 Satellite. This also covered America, Canada and North Mexico, reaching over 12 million households. In 2011, Dr. Nassralla added more satellites that reached the Middle East and Europe countries, expanding broadcasts to over 60 million households.

Having experienced intensified persecution and starvation many days at a time, the Lord gave Joseph visions of how to feed, nurture and support Muslim families in the Middle East who had converted to Christianity. As part of Joseph’s visions, it became evident that he was meant to awaken the American people to the levels of persecution the Christian Muslims face. As a “Joseph” to these families, Joseph and his wife are able to feed and minister to more than 3,000 Christian Muslim families monthly.

Dr. Nassralla has currently produced and composed 12 Egyptian worship CD’s with masterful artistry and evocative Egyptian rhythms. He has acquired internationally talented musicians to partner with him in these sensational recordings. He is currently a top rated artist in the Middle East.

Dr. Nassralla has recently launched “The Cross TV” in English – a platform that is building the bridge to the Middle East. Today, “The Way TV” reaches the world through 7 satellites and 2 local channels with plans to go nationwide in America during the month of (August 2014) via the Dish Network.

The great vision of “The Cross TV,” is expansively growing through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, building a great platform for “True” leaders and ministries that have a heart for the end time harvest.