Pastor Gemma Wenger

Program Name: Gemma Wenger’s Hollywood and “Beauty for Ashes”

Vision: Interview different celebrities to know their “Victory Way”

Vision: Jesus came for sinners and He is converting the bad to good. He truly makes beauty from ashes.

Pastor Gemma:

Pastor Gemma Wenger has served God since childhood. She asked the Lord into her heart when she was just three and was baptized in the Holy Spirit at the age of nine. She had evidence of speaking in tongues and prophesying. She began ministering and singing in the prisons and on skid row. She has done numerous National television shows and commercials and preached on the Hollywood Bowl Easter Sunrise service televised globally by the Trinity Broadcasting Network. She began producing her own Christian television shows at the age of 21. She now has her own production company where she produces her faith-based show called "Beauty for Ashes" and her celebrity red carpet event show "Gemma Wenger's Hollywood." Her uplifting and inspiring shows air worldwide on numerous satellite networks including The Way TV. She pastors a church in Bel Air Los Angeles, teaches the Word of God at evangelical meetings, and moves in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Her deep love for the Word of God inspires her to seek God for greater revelation concerning the kingdom of heaven.